Guid Nychburris Day 2017

We’re gearing up for another sunny Guid Nychburris Day here in Dumfries! Dumfries Art Trail members will be on hand throughout the day to give visitors an additional event to pass time between official ones.

Each of the five town centre venues (Ottersburn Gallery, Cloud 9 Studio Gallery, The Art Room, The Yellow Door and the Handmade Craft House) will be open between 10 and 4 on Saturday 17th June. An easy to follow arrowed route links the shops and galleries. Look out for our distinctive pointers!

DART Arrow 2017.jpg

Up on the High Street, near the Midsteeple, you will find Mr Cloud 9 and Caroline of Elegant Originals manning the DART HQ gazebo. From there children can collect an Animal Treasure Hunt sheet and adults can collect a map showing the location of the five venues.

Kids will need to find five animals in our galleries and shops before heading back to the gazebo for an Arty Prize!


Have fun!


About JulieOnCloud9

I'm an artist running an art gallery in Dumfries, Scotland.
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